Out of Country Travel

Out of Country Travel

What is Emergency Travel Coverage?

  • Coverage & assistance for an unexpected Illness or injury, requiring immediate medically necessary treatment, while traveling outside of one’s province of residence
  • Objective is to stabilize medical condition and return patient to their home province

Emergency Medical Insurance is not:

  • Government Health Insurance replacement  – does not cover routine medical care
  • Does not allow for ongoing treatment, regardless of member’s travel plans
  • Does not allow for elective, alternative or experimental treatment
  • Does not typically cover for student studying away from home (emergency treatment only)

Services Provided by Emergency Medical Insurance:

  • Pre-trip assistance
  • Medical referrals
  • Cashless service
  • Medical case management – RN/Physician involvement to monitor care
  • Medical transportation
  • Cost containment (discounting of claims)
  • Claims payment
  • Government Health Insurance Plan recovery
  • Coordination of benefits with other insurance

Before You Travel

Questions to travelling Plan Members:

  1. Is it reasonable for you, the plan member to have not anticipated the need for medical care while traveling?
  2. Have you been diligent in following your physician’s recommendations regarding travel precautions?
  3. Do you understand that coverage is for ‘unexpected’ medical situations?
  4. Have you read the policy language and applied it to your own personal situation?

Pre-Trip Preparation

  • Confirm active coverage is in place with your provider
  • Pack you coverage card with the emergency assistance phone number on it and your travel coverage booklet
  • If you will be travelling outside North America, call your travel insurance provider before leaving to obtain the international dialling codes required to call Canada from your destination
  • Inquire if there are any Canadian travel advisories for your destination country
  • Ask any benefit coverage questions prior to departure – do NOT wait until an emergency situation arises
  • Understand the intent of your coverage – unforeseen emergency coverage

What do Pre-ex and Stability Clause mean in my policy?

Pre-exising – A specific list of conditions that precludes you from being eligible for coverage:

  • Related to symptoms that existed prior to departure
  • Policy may state a specific pre-ex period – i.e. 6 months or 9 months prior to departure

For example: If you have had a heart attack, the policy will not cover you for any incident that is heart related

Stability – Allows for the provision of coverage for people with existing health conditions, so long as any such conditions are stable and under control.  Stable and under control means that prior to your departure:

  • You were not having acute or ongoing symptoms
  • You have not been prescribed medication or a change in medication (including a reduction in medication)
  • You were not seeking treatment or scheduled for any follow ups or testing in regards to your condition

For example: If you have diabetes and all your symptoms are well regulated by your current regimen (i.e. no irregular tests or change in medications to regulate symptoms), you would still receive coverage should a sudden and unforeseen illness arise that is related to your condition